Frequently Asked Questions

1.About us

Who is behind Procurious?
Can anyone be a member of Procurious?
Are you on other social media platforms?


How do I change my privacy settings?
How do I change my notification settings?
How do I change my password?
How do I find events, people and information?

3.My profile

How do I update my profile?
What's a profile image or cover photo and why do I want one?


How do I add people to my network?
Can I add you guys to my network?
Can I use Procurious to contact other members?


How can I find and register for events?
How do I RSVP to an event?


How do I watch a training video?


What are groups and how are they used?
I’ve got an idea or suggestion for Procurious, what should I do?
I’ve noticed something wrong – how do I contact you?

8.Supported browsers

What browser should I use?
What browsers do you recommend?
What browsers aren't supported?
What browsers REALLY aren't supported?