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How far should consumer and stakeholder power take organisations?

I was interested to read the article below in Supply Management, relating to a poll of supply chain and procurement professionals on the actions of Caffe Nero in their own supply chain. In short, Caffe Nero decided to alter their sourcing process based on the threat of protests outside their stores for sourcing milk from areas subject to badger culls. The sourcing process was changed and the threat went away. However, my interest was in the strength of the consumer power. Many of the people who buy from Caffe Nero may not be aware of the choice the organisation is making, or may actually agree with the culls. Add to that, the dairy supply chain is already fairly unstable so could this actually have wider-ranging effects? What do you think? Do you think organisations take too much direction from consumers and stakeholders (on this level, rather than modern day slavery, child labour, etc.)? Are they too concerned about upsetting a small minority of consumers on too many topics?
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