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  • Mitchel Brewer

    20/01/2017 02:31PM

    How will you be affected by IR35?

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  • Megan Holmes

    20/01/2017 02:06PM

    Procurement Trends Survey 2017

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  • Julienne B. Ryan

    19/01/2017 10:20PM

    I'd like to get your thoughts on this upcoming event on Thursday, January 26th in NYC's all craft beer and conversation.

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  • Pankaj Saluja

    19/01/2017 05:54AM

    Please share your views on Difference between Strategic Sourcing and Tactical Sourcing.

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  • Jonas Heller

    18/01/2017 11:43PM

    Social Media in Procurement / SCM

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  • Lucas Faquini

    18/01/2017 12:17PM

    Procurement Free time activities

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  • Clare Ellis

    18/01/2017 08:28AM

    Procurement Officer job opportunity

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  • Tracy Woods

    17/01/2017 03:56PM

    Procurement for investment property portfolio advice

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  • Neil Baker

    16/01/2017 03:35PM

    Are the payment of Insurance Premiums exempt from the procurement process? And if not, what would be a best practice approach to drive value?

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  • Klervi Pierre

    16/01/2017 11:19AM

    Hello, I'm writing a thesis on the position of the procurement dpt in the company's organisation. I'd like to interview procurement professionals on the importance of their communication and their relations with internal business partners. Thank you

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  • Simon Clark

    09/01/2017 12:10PM

    Soft Skills in Procurement - PA Consulting is leading the way in research on the softer skills that the Procurement function require in order to add further value to an organisation. It would be great if you could take part in our survey. Link is below.

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