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What Next? The Great Procurement Reset | Research Report

By Adam Gillies
Sep 13, 2021 at 12:26 AM
Resource What Next? The Great Procurement Reset | Research Report cover photo
Procurement professionals are in the eye of the storm… The pandemic was career-defining for many. For the procurement function, it was profession defining.  Nearly 40% of procurement professionals reported clear sailing through the pandemic, with minimal job losses, ongoing support for personnel, and resolutions to recruit and expand the procurement function. But there’s a question that remains on everyone’s minds: What happens next? And how will we respond? It’s time to check-in, and the global procurement community has come together to have their say. In this research report, you'll discover: * How procurement professionals have taken the lessons of 2020 onboard, and how these lessons are shaping the way they mitigate further risks; * Why procurement is more in demand than ever before; * How technology and human workforces can collaborate in an increasingly digital world; * Exciting upcoming opportunities for procurement to shine on a global scale!
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