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The New Dawn of Procurement | Reimagining procurement, one step at a time

Jul 7, 2022 at 9:19 AM
Resource The New Dawn of Procurement | Reimagining procurement, one step at a time cover photo
THE NEW DAWN OF PROCUREMENT REIMAGINING PROCUREMENT, ONE STEP AT A TIME A new dawn for procurement is here. Executives everywhere now recognise that procurement should be more than a tactical exercise of securing goods and services at the lowest possible cost. Rather, procurement can be an engine for building resilience, sparking innovation and driving business performance. This progression comes as a result of the uncertainty of the past few years and current events, with businesses realising there’s no other choice, and that procurement teams need to mature and modernise their practices or risk succumbing to today’s volatile market. The current era of uncertainty shines a spotlight on procurement leaders and creates an opportunity to evaluate and advance our thinking, technology, and performance. DRIVING VALUE, GROWTH AND RESILIENCE Our latest whitepaper, sponsored by Proactis, delves into the key considerations when evaluating your procurement strategy, from the tactical to the strategic, to achieve supply chain resilience and rapid realisation of benefits, including: ● Assessment of where you are today and defining where you want to be ● Building a scalable model with automation ● Value creation vs procurement gaps ● Driving innovation fuelled by data and collaboration. Download the PDF via the link at the top of this page.