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Talent supply: Are you breaking your own chain? | Webcast | On-Demand

Dec 2, 2021 at 12:38 PM
Resource Talent supply: Are you breaking your own chain? | Webcast | On-Demand cover photo
Once upon a time, when supply chains and talent markets were buoyant, recruitment costs could be controlled simply by driving down supplier margins. Talent was plentiful, and poor buying behaviours could be masked (or ignored) because targets were always met. Fast forward to 2021, and the world of procurement is a very different place. Why? Supply chains worldwide are scrambling to recover from major disruptions that have sent them in and out of ‘crisis-mode’. From products and materials to labour and services, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to buy what they need. In this climate, procurement must work smarter to become a customer of choice for suppliers, and an employer of choice for in-demand candidates. To deliver the people and skills their businesses need, procurement teams must review and revise their processes, supplier relationships, attraction strategies, and value propositions - and ensure that they meet the new demands of 2021 and beyond. Comensura and Procurious have partnered to discuss this very issue, in this webcast Talent supply: Are you breaking your own chain? If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the following questions, this webcast will provide the critical answers procurement is searching for: - How can procurement teams improve their resourcing and recruitment processes? - How should we be establishing closer working relationships with our services suppliers? - What more could we be doing to help our recruitment supply chain succeed? - How can we introduce more flexibility and speed into our hiring and buying processes? - What do contingent workers want from an employer, and how can we ensure our EVP matches up with their needs? - What strategies can procurement employ to establish their businesses as a customer of choice for supply chains?