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Supplier Sustainability Tech: Selection - The How and Why | Webcast On-Demand

Oct 22, 2021 at 9:43 AM
Resource Supplier Sustainability Tech: Selection - The How and Why | Webcast On-Demand cover photo
Choosing tech, the sustainable way Supplier sustainability has never been more critical for procurement - and many teams already have, or have committed to, a formalised responsible sourcing program. Establishing your supplier code of conduct is one thing… but how can we continue to monitor and assess supplier adherence, due diligence, and - importantly - ethical practices? Outlining supplier expectations is no longer enough. The gold standard now lies with longevity, by having a supplier sustainability program in place - and it all starts with selecting the right technology. We’ve teamed up with SupplyShift to find out the how and why of that selection process. Join Alex Gershenson, CEO of SupplyShift, Lance Younger Founder of ProcureTech, and Johanna Anderson, Director of Learning and Member Engagement of Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, as they speak with Tania Seary about why the supplier sustainability solution lies with technology. Specifically, we’ll be discussing: - Why supplier sustainability is so critical to business continuity in 2021 and beyond - Why procurement teams need technology to improve supplier sustainability - The current sustainable procurement technology landscape, and how to navigate it - How to select the right supplier sustainability application