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Procurious TV | Episode 5 - Managing Risk

Jul 14, 2022 at 5:08 PM
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Supply chains are being disrupted with greater magnitude and frequency and preparing for the unpredictable is core to what we do as procurement and supply chain professionals. The key to managing this unpredictability is to look for early indicators so that you can identify and respond to risks. Where are your blind spots? What indicators are you watching? And more importantly, how do you act? In this episode, we share insightful discussions with experts in their fields, to shine a light on risks, warning signs and priorities that should be at the forefront of your procurement strategy. Hear from: - Tania Seary, Procurious Founder & CEO - Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO & Founder, Interos - Justin Crump, CEO, Sibylline - Oliver Hurrey, Chair of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge - Lucy Bassli, Attorney, Author of CLM Simplified and The Simple Guide to Legal Innovation, and Founder and Principal of InnoLaw Group - Greg Holt, Product Marketing Director, Interos About Procurious TV Do you feel like you are always playing catch up with the procurement and supply chain news? Are you itching to be on top of the latest news and trends? We get it. We really do. And we have the solution – it’s called Procurious TV, and it’s ready for you right here! Thank you to Interos , our partner for this episode.