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Procurement + Supply Chain: Together Forever? | Webinar on Demand

Oct 4, 2021 at 12:21 PM
Resource Procurement + Supply Chain: Together Forever? | Webinar on Demand cover photo
Nothing lasts forever… or does it? After almost two years of disruption across the globe due to COVID-19, supply chain agendas are now moving their focus from efficiency and cost to prioritising resiliency and business continuity. C-suite leaders are working to collaboratively address the business impacts of supply chain and its disruptions, and procurement has an essential role to play in its solution - or does it? Are procurement and supply chain permanently entangled, or are we heading to a future that separates their roles in business success? - How can the different priorities of supply chain teams and procurement teams work in alignment? - How can businesses protect themselves against ‘bad actor’ suppliers, putting them at risk of fraud and loss? - How can your business operate more sustainably and cost-effectively? Procurious Founder and CEO Tania Seary leads a panel to discuss the above and much, much, more. Featuring Karina Harris from Coupa Software, Erica Stuart from Orica, and Kathryn Mouton from Accenture, this discussion is set to shake up your view of procurement and supply chain and their roles in risk management, activism, and each other’s success. Proudly supported by Coupa, ‘Procurement + Supply Chain: Together Forever?’ will provide great insights into the worlds of supply chain and procurement, opportunities for collaboration and differentiation, and offer a sneak-peek into how current professionals can problem-solve their career path and future.