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Level Up Your Statement of Work | Webcast | On-Demand

Nov 9, 2021 at 12:15 PM
Resource Level Up Your Statement of Work | Webcast | On-Demand cover photo
Is Procurement losing touch? We all know a statement of work drives outcome-based value, but with more projects falling behind budget and schedule, a lack of control around supplier outputs, and risk management being, well, risky business, how can we be sure our statement of work is really working for us? It’s time to move away from materials services contracts, and to discover new potential in the humble SOW. But how? We’ve teamed up with Guidant Global to bring you the first of our Level Up Your Procurement series, Level Up Your Statement of Work. Join Mick Feild, Global Vice President of Services Procurement at Guidant Global and Sally Guyer, Global CEO at World Commerce & Contracting, as they speak with Tania Seary about the ultimate contracting solution that is maximising ROI for businesses globally, and quickly becoming the future of services procurement. Specifically, we’ll be discussing: - The business benefits of adopting an outcome-based statement of work - How the COVID-19 pandemic upended contract management, and what’s changed since - How a VMS and other technologies can help drive impactful change for your contract management projects - How to engage the right people, for the right project, with your statement of work