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Five Musts for Managing Business Spend in the Modern Economy

Jun 8, 2022 at 2:22 PM
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Today’s market moves fast. Consider the fluidity and severity of the macro variables we face today - inflation, supply chain disruptions, geopolitical tensions, ESG factors and more. Not only do these variables change constantly, they also have the power to bring supply chain operations to a standstill and hamper financial results. To conquer today's volatility and stay relevant in the face of any risk tomorrow brings, procurement leaders everywhere need to evaluate where they are exposed, how they operate, and if any change needs to be implemented to ensure resilience and profitability. Modern spend management programs extend beyond simply compliance and cost control. They go beyond tracking what you spend, with who, and how much spend under management you have. Instead, they take an actionable and strategic 360-degree view of the variables that can accelerate success. FIVE MUSTS FOR MANAGING BUSINESS SPEND IN THE MODERN ECONOMY This whitepaper, sponsored by Basware, takes a deep look at five ways traditional spend management practices can be modernised to increase agility and performance: - The benefits of knowing your suppliers inside and out - Making business buying easy - Prioritising responsible spending - Engaging the c-suite and financial leaders - Increasing your agility and scale with automation.

Download the PDF via the link above.