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Tony Ridley

CEO @ Intelligent Travel

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Tony has generated significant value to clients and companies by enabling business growth, maximizing variance on return for assets, expanding market share and cost efficiencies. Hundreds of companies and departments have benefited from the direction and input provided by Tony. Business leaders and managers have been empowered to make informed decisions when developing or implementing strategy or responding to tactile issues, small and large. Those that have benefited from Tony’s influence and solutions enjoy greater business resilience for the environments in which they operation and profit from dynamic business decision-making.

His experience and expertise has been transferred in many ways. Push communications to key decision makers or select managers, exclusive or collective workshops and seminars, mentoring and peer review, consultation services, project management, position papers and technical forums. No two engagements are the same for clients or the transfer of knowledge in order to achieve the desired results, with each mechanism crafted from the guiding requirements to achieve the maximum value and benefits desired. Tony remains highly sought by clients for value solution development, business enhancement sessions and is regularly featured as a speaker in technical and industry conferences along with media engagement and contributor. Innovation remains a distinguishing factor for Tony and his high value benefit to organizations.

Executive and management level experience in security audits, security reviews, security operations management, risk assessments, travel safety and security strategies, crisis management, protective security operations, security guard services, physical security, security management, security provider reviews, security budgeting, commercial security sales and service, and business continuity.

Numerous security presentations, security manuals, security..

Specialties:Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Project Management, Change Management, Travel Risk Management, Travel Security, Risk Assessment, Security Management Design, Security, General Management, Security, Commercial Security, Security Guard Force Management, Terrorism, Security Risk Analysis, Security, Security Management, Emergency Assistance and Response, Commercial Security Management, Security Solutions, Security Provider Networking, and Public Speaking Engagements, Social Media,

JOB TITLE: CEO @ Intelligent Travel

INDUSTRY: Professional Services


Work experience


Intelligent Travel

April 2013 - Present

The skills and experience, along with the labor capacity of most companies does not include internal resources to provide constant, accurate travel information or intelligence. Destination intelligence and data is constantly changing, therefore businesses want the latest and most relevant resources to support their business travellers. All this information, events and activity requires 24/7/365 coverage; a capacity held by few companies.

Our products and services provide all the benefits of direct ownership, without the costs. What this means is that customers reap the benefits of our experience, knowledge, local intelligence, constant monitoring and enhanced technology without the cost of building and maintaining such services internally. We can event tailor specialist campaigns to suit any business' travel risk management needs

A unique, tailored, professional and relevant information service to educate and support your business travellers, wherever they go. A variety of mediums to suit the user and circumstance that provides a single source solution to all your travel information requirements. Included is travel concierge and technical advisory services to assist in planning, management and business travel.

-Travel Risk Management
-Destination Intelligence and Data
-Travel Intelligence
-Travel Health, Safety and Security
-Country, City, Journey & Traveller Risk Ratings
-Travel Risk Assessments
-Online and On Call Travel Concierge and Assistance
-Due Diligence and Duty of Care Services
-Plans, Reviews and Audits
-Travel Alerts
-Travel Education, Awareness and Information

Consultant | Speaker | Managing Director | Travel | Security | Services | Risk | Operations

MRD Consultancy

March 2012 - Present

-Business consulting
-Transnational evacuations
-Business intelligence
-Security information and intelligence
-Security management
-Travel health, safety and security
-Crisis leadership and emergency management
-Reputation management
-Open source intelligence
-Social Media


Travel Risk Management Solutions

July 2011 - Present

Directorial and publishing executive for

Internationally experienced travel health, safety and security professional with a variety of functional security skills derived from prior security roles ranging from general management to executive security director

-Developing and implementing business travel health, safety and security solutions.
-Threat analysis and risk assessments to reduce the security threats to organizations.
-Security operations management.
-Travel safety and security planning
-Security information and services
-Security provider network
-Crisis and emergency management
-Security training, education and skills transfer
-Travel security awareness training
-Travel risk management consulting
-Travel safety and security information services

Consultant | Speaker | Coach | Business Executive| Marketing|Travel Management | Security | Director

Travel Risk Management Solutions

January 2011 - Present

Making businesses more profitable, efficient and safer.

Travel safety and security strategy, management and information products.

In-bound marketing and social media consulting, management and design.

Crisis, emergency, risk and security management assessment, development and management.

International Consultant | Business Intelligence | Travel Management | Security | Director

Internet Search Engine Marketing

January 2011 - Present

Consulting, management and support for social media, in-bound marketing, travel safety and security, risk management, crisis and emergency management.

Development of a global security providers network. Creation and management of online security information and services. Continuous business, security and management development materials for industry and commercial executives. Security and risk management consultancy. Travel health, safety and security management tools, training and solutions for the ever growing corporate travel management sector.

Online marketing, social media management and search engine optimization for various business sectors and geographical locations.

Innovation and development for the security profession creating value for businesses, reducing costs, streamlining processes, actionable threat/security based advice and improved safety and security for employees.

Security Professional | Security Advisor | Consultant | Travel Management | Security | Director

Travel Risk Management Solutions

January 2011 - Present

Internationally experienced security professional with a variety of functional security skills derived from prior security roles ranging from general management to executive security director

-Developing and implementing business travel health, safety and security solutions.
-Threat analysis and risk assessments to reduce the security threats to organizations.
-Security operations management.
-Travel safety and security planning
-Security information and services
-Security provider network
-Crisis and emergency management
-Security training, education and skills transfer

Corporate Security | Commercial Security | Mentor | Technical Expert | Consultant | Director

Business Consulting Services Companies

January 2011 - Present

Product creation and development for all security related services. Published works on security guard services, security evacuations, how to buy and manage security services, travel health, safety and security along with business travel threats and mitigation strategies. Security risk assessments, security product development, security operations management, security advisor, security consultant and security systems development.

Integration with online marketing and social media management to engage and measure security products adaptation which has turned into an exclusive internet search engine consulting and advisory business niche.

Advisor and mentor to security professionals at all levels. With unique experience and insight at all levels, providing long-term implementable security strategies for business growth and immediate, tactile advice on emergency situations to preserve business assets.

Development of unique and highly leveraged security related products and services now transferable to other business service elements. Online information services, mobile applications, event management, travel efficiency, communications mediums, competitive analysis and more.

Directing multi-service business units with full-time and contracted personnel for superior and cost effective results. Outsourcing, contract management and project direction for security and non-security related business results.

Crisis | Emergency | Planning | Management | Security | Consultant | Risk | Continuity | Director

Business Consulting Services Companies

January 2011 - Present

Significant experience and skills in the security fields of:

-Entry in to emerging markets
-Reduce the business travel threats and security issues
-Reduce security management budgets
-Increase business productivity and security services
-Review and audit security service providers
-Maximize returns and services from security service elements
-Peer review and mentoring
-Executive security skills transfer
-Business enabling
-Business resilience through effective security management
-Security advisory
-Security information communications

Consultant | Evacuations | Business Intelligence | Risk | Security | Crisis | Emergency | Director

Business Consulting Services Companies

January 2011 - Present

-Business consulting
-Security executive development
-Transnational security evacuations
-Business intelligence
-Security information and intelligence products
-Security management
-Travel health, safety and security
-Crisis and emergency Management

Social Media | In-Bound Marketing | Consultant | Speaker | Operations | Security | Director

Internet Search Engine Marketing

January 2011 - Present

-Social media management
-In bound marketing
-Online business intelligence
-Google search trends and analysis
-Getting businesses on the first page of a google search
-Internet search engine marketing
-Social media technologies
-Competitor analysis
-Industry trends
-Online business presence and dominance

Director Security Services Asia Pacific for Travel Health, Safety & Security | Security Consultant

International SOS

January 2009 - January 2011 ( 2 years )

The primary commercial representative for International SOS' travel security products and services within Asia Pacific. Providing guidance and support to the regional sales and marketing teams along with client account management. Educating and mentoring internal and external stakeholders on corporate security solutions in order to enhance business resilience. Maintaining integrated delivery support to clients and strategic relationships partners and vendors. Operational and consulting delivery as required.

Training and development for all sales teams and managers within the Asia Pacific Region for security products and services.

Client liaison and subject matter expert for all security products such as travel tracking, travel risk management, travel safety and security information, country/city guides, security consulting and evacuations.

Company public relations and media advisor for security related incidents and security response solutions, including analysis. Primary speaker and representative on security related issues and the company's service options.

Security industry market analysis and services positioning for the company and clients. Inclusive of marketing strategy and implementation to increase sales and utilization.

Advisor and consultant for security service integration with supporting services such as travel management, health advisories, medical advice, travel insurance, international assignments and concierge services.

Consultant | Manager | Travel Safety and Security | Security Operations | Regional Director

International SOS

July 2005 - January 2011 ( 5 years, 6 months )

Travel risk management services. Case management, travel intelligence, security consulting, evacuation planning, international security evacuations, logistics, business development and regional executive management.

Lead the business unit though significant turnover of security professionals, product re-alignment to changing customer needs, introduction of new and diverse security products and services, competitive merger, on-going service delivery challenges, technology upgrades, pricing pressures, management turnover, new business start ups, business closure, routine security advisory, keynote presentation and PR representation, high volume sales training demands, media representation and continued client security calamities ranging from travel safety and security advice, missing persons, kidnap for ransom, terrorist attacks, shootings, natural disasters, death threats, bombings, petty crimes, new business, mergers, increased human capital and routine security operations management.

Executive | Speaker | Consultant | Marketing | Media Liaison | Security | Regional Director

International SOS

July 2005 - January 2011 ( 5 years, 6 months )

-Asia Pacific Regional Security Director
-Security oversight and compliance
-Security policy development and implementation
-Subject matter expert for security products and services
-Senior security advisor and executive direction
-Security analyst
-Security speaker
-Business travel risk management and safety
-Security case management
-Security emergency, crisis and disaster management
-Travel safety and security briefings
-Media liaison for security related events
-Security consultancy delivery
-Security operations delivery
-Security information collection, analysis and delivery
-Security evacuation planning and delivery

Consultant | Travel Safety & Security| SecurityManagement| Marketing | Logistics | Regional Director

International SOS

July 2005 - January 2011 ( 5 years, 6 months )

Regional Security Director and Security Business Services Director for Asia Pacific. Role is inclusive of:

-Security consulting
-Security, crisis, business continuity and travel security management plans
-Security threat assessments
-Security evacuations
-Security products and services business development
-Security operations management
-Security provider network management and development
-Security services delivery
-Travel safety and security risk management
-Traveller monitoring, surveillance and management
-Country, city and destination security assessments and guides
-Security evacuations logistics and planning


Reduced client security budget due to wastage and inefficiencies
Client entered into new and challenging environment with limited disruption
Expanded market share and business growth
Comprehensive travel health, safety and security program developed
Immediate and actionable emergency and security advice to preserve assets
Increased employee safety and security
Enhanced business travel and mobility due to effective security management plan

Evacuations | Security Operations | Logistics | Security | Consultant | Regional Director

International SOS

July 2005 - January 2011 ( 5 years, 6 months )

Security as a profession is the same as any other professional services calling. It must exhibit value to the business and continue to contribute to the enabling of more profitable and efficient business services to customers. While security is often artificially veiled in secrecy and hushed tones, it is still a performance and results measured business service. You can not improve what you can not measure. Security is no exception.

Over many years, I have grown within the professional security space with a unique and valued succession experience having started at an entry level security function to directing and managing all aspects of security services for multinationals at senior executive levels.

While the route and content may have varied from client to client, my security planning, processes and implementation process has become further refined to enable business, no matter the location and service sector.

Regional Security Director Asia Pacific for Travel Safety & Security

International SOS

July 2005 - January 2009 ( 3 years, 6 months )

Responsible for Intl.SOS' and Control Risks' commercial travel security subscription services for the Asia Pacific Region via our joint venture operating unit, Travel Security Services. Business development and managemet for all consultancy and staffing projects in support of client projects. Service delivery and support network management of retained membership service products for security case management (bombings, missing persons, travel advice, incident analysis, etc) up to and including security evacution operations. Directing and contribution to regional and global security intelligence product and advice.

Provided response and coordination to the Bali bombing and terrorist attack in Indonesia. Planned, coordinated and directed security evacuations resulting from major political and natural disruptions from East Timor, the Solomons and Thailand. Delivered uninterrupted security information and operational support to over 3,000 clients affected during the Mumbai terror attacks in India. Directed multi service delivery and services for hundreds of clients affected by the Sichuan earthquake in China, including safety and security evacuations to non-affected areas.

Maintained continuos travel health, safety and security information and analysis for hundreds of thousands of clients across the Asia Pacific region. This information provided valuable decision making content to both individual travellers and senior executives to companies ranging from modest to Fortune 500 multinationals. This security service entity grew over 5,000% while maintaining headcount and preserving operational costs below 20% annually.

Developed and significantly expanded a niche security consulting division providing security risk assessments, crisis management plans, evacuation plans, security operations management, travel risk management, VIP security protection and business continuity planning. Growth in this division was over 400% within a 2 year period.

General Manager National Security Operations and Security Technical Advisor

PT Shields

March 2004 - April 2005 ( 1 year, 1 month )

One of the largest security companies in Indonesia with over 3,500 employees on 46 projects across the country. Protecting and servicing the oil and gas, forestery, transportation, hotel, and manufacturing industries.

Responsible for all operational projects and identified business opportunities. Managing administration, training, operations, deployment and financial profitability for all 46 projects.

Development and implementation of a security guard recruitment and security guard training standard within Indonesia.

Human resources management, promotion, training and security skills development system.

Commercial security tender, bid, compliance, pricing and competitive placement strategy to secure and preserve business revenue for shareholders.

Security operations management for multi-region, multi-sector commercial security contracts.

Security risk assessment and review department for internal and external customers.

Security logistics and supply enhancement program to significantly improve the service delivery, standards and results for clients and shareholders.

Management and recruitment of Indonesian and international security professionals for management and executive roles.

Development and implementation of a sales and marketing training process that empowered the sales team to engage and convert opportunities while providing clients with superior and informed security solutions for the preservation of their assets and market expansion/growth.

Security | Logistics | Security Guarding | Operations | Training | National Operations | Manager

PT Shields Security

March 2004 - April 2005 ( 1 year, 1 month )

-Security guard services
-Security logistics and supply
-Physical security services
-Security operations management
-Asset management and security services
-Security guard management
-Security tenders, bids and commercial positioning
-Marketing of security products and services
-Commercial security sales and services
-Corporate security solutions and services

Team Leader Protective Security and Travel Security

Control Risks Group

March 2003 - March 2004 ( 1 year )

Team leader for government protective security detail in Iraq. Responsible for the planning and execution of daily movement tasks and all special events and projects and travel security. Coordination and support to the larger company operations throughout the country in a hostile environment. Armed protective task.

Security | Protective | Exec Protection | Management | Planning | Hostile Environment |Team Leader

Control Risks

March 2003 - March 2004 ( 1 year )

-Hostile environment security services
-Protective security operations
-Executive security management
-VIP security
-Event security
-Travel safety and security
-War zone security escort and safety support
-Threat reduction and mitigation
-Security operations planning and implementation
-Threat analysis and security planning
-Government liaison and security integration
-Commercial security services delivery

Security Manager-Project

PT Kosuma Mutiara

January 2002 - March 2003 ( 1 year, 2 months )

Design, develop and implement a total security plan with community liaison integration from the ground up. Payroll, patrol, procurement and management of 150 full time and seasonal security staff from within the local community. Prevented and detered a previously regular theft and illegal trade of quality pearls originating from the project.

Overcame significant environmental and business challenges to provide a security managed environment in which the business could function and grow.

Significantly reduced the overall security threat to the project and investor capital through continuous security enhancements and management practices.

Managed a sizable and diverse of security guards with limited experience in order to function as a collective group for the benefit of the department and success of the business.

Community relations engagement dominated much of the planning and implementation to reduce operational delays, security threats, increase information and communication and local recruitment of security focused personnel.

Security Manager-Project

Atlas Pacific

January 2001 - January 2002 ( 1 year )

Design, develop and implement a total project security plan from the ground up. Improved effeciencies, reduced operating costs and prevented further assault, injuries and theft at the project. Located in a remote and potentially hostile location, significant liaison and education was conducted to ensure local community support. No English speaking staff.

Team Leader and Security Manager

Special Air Service Regiment (SASR)

April 1990 - July 2001 ( 11 years, 3 months )

Team leader for special operations teams in training and on operations. Responsible for the training of unit members and the planning and execution of special operations missions in the interest of national objectives.

Proficient trainer in Counter Terrorism, Asymmetrical Warfare, Sniping, Paramedical, Freefall parachuting and special operations command and control.

Conducted operational and security related tasks in Australia, Thailand, Philippines, Rwanda, East Timor, USA, Malaysia, Cambodia, New Zealand with/for other government security agencies.

Security | Counter Terrorism | Special Operations | Military | Management | Crisis | Manager

Special Air Service (SAS) Regiment

January 1990 - January 2001 ( 11 years )

Government security operations, counter terrorism, military security operations, reconnaissance, intelligence collection, guerilla warfare, protective security, physical security, security planning and special operations security tasking.

Soldier and Security Professional

Australian Army

January 1988 - January 2000 ( 12 years )

Government and military security support, security operations on foreign soil, international security training and liaison, security tactics and operational planning, security threat assessments, VIP security protection, protective security tasks, offensive security tasks and other security support operations.


Anti-Terrorism Accredidation Board

Certified Anti-Terrorism Specialist of Anti-Terrorism, Terrorism, Security

2007 - 2007

Private Institution

Cert IV of Workplace Training and Assessment

2003 - 2003

Australian Defence Force

Diploma of Security Operations Management

1996 - 2001

ADF School of Languages

Diploma of Advanced Linguistics (Indonesian/Malay)

1987 - 1998