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About Me

With nearly a decade of experience fixing your dirty data, Susan Walsh is The Classification Guru.
She brings clarity and accuracy to data and procurement; helps teams work more effectively and efficiently; and cuts through the jargon to address the issues of dirty data and its consequences in an entertaining and engaging way.

Susan is a specialist in data classification, supplier normalisation, taxonomy customisation, and data cleansing and can help your business find cost savings through spend and time management - supporting better, more informed business decisions.

Susan has developed a methodology to accurately and efficiently classify, cleanse and check data for errors which will help prevent costly mistakes and could save days, if not weeks of laborious cleansing and classifying.

Susan is passionate about helping you find the value in cleaning your ‘dirty data’ and raises awareness of the consequences of ignoring issues through her blogs, vlogs, webinars and speaking engagements.

You can contact her on [email protected]

COMPANY NAME: The Classification Guru

JOB TITLE: Director

FUNCTION: Consultancy, Strategy, & Transformation

INDUSTRY: Professional Services

CATEGORY: Professional Services



Work experience


The Classification Guru

June 2017 - Present

Are you struggling to get reliable insights from your data? Do you know how much you are really spending with one supplier, and on what? Have you got free text descriptions which mean you have multiple versions of the same item, often misspelt and not against the correct GL or categorisation? Or missing product codes?

I bring clarity and accuracy to data and help procurement and data teams work more effectively and efficiently, finding cost savings through spend and time management, supporting better, more informed business decisions, delivering a strong ROI and delivering back to your organisation faster and more cost-effectively than using large consultancies or spend analytics providers.

While most people dread having to classify or cleanse data, I love it! I am hugely passionate about providing clients with accurate and meaningful data, and because I have been doing this for a number of years, I can do this much faster and more accurately than people who might look at their data infrequently.

Many businesses struggle to get accurate spend information because of incorrectly classified data, unclassified data or limited visibility on their spend. Without this, it's difficult to negotiate better rates with suppliers, track KPI's, reduce spend or make good business decisions.

With accurate data, you can do all of this, plus prevent costly mistakes from happening.

There are many solutions available to automate data classification, but these are never 100% accurate. I've developed a method to efficiently and accurately classify, cleanse and verify data to minimise the errors in the same amount of time.

I have spent several years classifying data across many industries, countries and languages, as well as managing and training teams to do the same thing. Prior to that, I spent a decade in sales and account management in FMCG organisations and this gives me the unique position of managing the data from both a technological and corporate perspective.


University of Abertay

BA(hons)Commerce of

1999 - 2001