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Sarah Scudder Marketing Strategist

Chief Revenue Officer at Real Sourcing Network (RSN)
San Francisco, United States of America
Function: Marketing
Industry: Supply Chain
Category: Marketing
Level of responsibility: Other C Level

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🙌 MISSION & VISION My mission is to play a valuable and rewarding role in a promising emerging technology company. My vision of achieving this is by growing the top and bottom lines through a marketing-focused approach, an approach which drives lead generation and sales through a combination of novel content creation, hosted events, social media engagement, and targeted community building. I currently develop and implement the marketing and sales strategy for the procurement software startup Real Sourcing Network (RSN). I speak on Clubhouse Tuesdays at 8am, Fridays at 3pm and Saturdays at 10am PST. I also hope to inspire the next generation of female business leaders through mentorship and serving on the board for Global Women Procurement Professionals (GWPP) whose mission is to empower women to advance their careers in procurement. I speak at conferences, events and networking meetups discussing innovations and trends in marketing, how to curate great content on social media to generates sales and how to build a profitable brand that is liked and respected. Social Media Expertise: ➤ LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Clubhouse General Competencies: ➤ Project management - Slack, Trello, Google Workspace ➤ Microsoft Office - Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, Teams ➤ Digital Magazine Publication - ISSUU

Skills section iconSkills

Analytical and problem solving skills
Branding & Identity
Content Development
Content Management
Content Strategy
Event Management
Event Planning
Lead Generation
Marketing Strategy
Public Speaking
Sales Management
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