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Rachel Maloney

London, England, United Kingdom, United Kingdom
Industry: Government & Public Sector
Category: Social Services

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Category Specialist

Surrey County Council

June 2015 - Present (9 years, 1 month)
Shortly after taking on the Public Health category at Surrey County Council in June 2015, Central Government announced an in-year and on-going cut to the Department of Health grant. Since this initial announcement, the grant has been subject to further direct cuts (6.2% in 2015/16 and then a further 9% over the four years from 2016/17) as well as cuts to the local authority funding. Much of my role has involved responding to the challenges arising as a result of financial pressures. This includes: - Identifying opportunities for savings through efficiencies and contract consolidation - Negotiating cashable savings from our largest providers - Delivery of tenders for new services and inputting into significant service redesign - Consultation with key stakeholders, service users and interest groups - Contract management to ensure our strategic contracts deliver value for money and escalation of commercial issues as they arise. - Collaborative working with CCGs, NHS England and internal departments to maximise value and identify opportunities for change.
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