Omer Molad

Omer Molad

Chief Officer

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About Me

Every day I work to help companies connect with job candidates in a more authentic way - more about who can do the job and how they’ll contribute, and less about how good they look on paper or how fortunate a background they come from.

I was first motivated to do this because of my personal experience being rejected as a job candidate when I knew I was qualified. After growing up in Tel Aviv, where I excelled in high school, served as an officer in the military and worked at two startups, I moved to Melbourne and couldn’t even get an interview anywhere. I applied to hundreds of jobs but I didn’t yet have a university degree, nobody could pronounce my name and I was from the Middle East. Nobody gave me a chance.

Three university degrees and many years of experience later I found myself leading a big team at an enterprise. I saw the same problem from the other side of the table. I was constantly presented with fancy résumés of candidates who couldn’t apply their skills to a new environment. conversely, the top performers in our team were not the ones from recognized universities or with logos on their résumés. They were curious, hard working, collaborative, dedicated, tenacious and creative.

That’s when I came together with David, my co-founder, to change the way companies hire and make it about merit, not background. We invested our own time, knowledge and money to build a platform called Vervoe that thousands of companies now use to giver every candidates a chance to showcase their talent.


JOB TITLE: Chief Officer

INDUSTRY: HR & Recruitment

CATEGORY: HR - Recruitment

Work experience

Co-founder and CEO


November 2016 - Present


University of Melbourne

BCom, LLB (Hons) & LLM(Master of Laws by Coursework and Min of