Heifa B. Kourda

Heifa B. Kourda

Actively looking for new job opportunities!

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About Me

Contract Specialist with broad experience in procurement, contracts and supply chain management and a background in Law and judicial proceedings actively looking for an opportunity within a challenging and competitive environment with willingness to work towards achievement of organizational goals and career growth.

JOB TITLE: Actively looking for new job opportunities!

FUNCTION: Procurement


CATEGORY: HR - Generalist


Work experience

Contracts Management Officer

Emirates Steel Industries PJSC

January 2013 - January 2015 ( 2 years ) | Abu Dhabi, UAE

- Prepare, negotiate and develop model forms of contracts/POs and implement requested changes in or amendments to the standard terms and conditions.
- Drafted/commented and assisted in the negotiation and finalization of over 200 contracts/Agreements for the supply and servicing of different steel production units and departments needs as well.
- Ensure compliance with contract conditions including providing expert advice throughout the entire contract lifecycle up to successful contract closure.
- Prepare, examine, analyze, negotiate terms, and revise contracts that involve the purchase of goods, supply of services and strategic sourcing & logistics contracts in accord with the approved scope, specifications, schedules, methods and established procurement processes.
- Oversee, prepare and review of the tender documentation and ensure removal of ambiguities, errors, contradictions, etc. before issuing the tender invitation.
- Participate in the review and evaluation of submitted tender proposals, pricing strategy adopted by contractors, etc. and advise on merits/demerits of tenders/awards, whenever required.
- Administer the contractual post-award phase including changes/deviations, revisions, claims management, compliance and performance tracking and perform contract closing activities as needed.
- Advise on specific provisions in respect of Liquidated Damages/Penalty clauses, claims provisions, dispute resolution provisions, etc.
- Prepare contract change notices, monitor contractor performance, including the reporting and status of contractor deliverable.
- Verify payment schedules and track interim/final payment and deadlines.

Contracts Specialist

Mansouri3b Group LLC

July 2011 - December 2012 ( 1 year, 5 months ) | Abu Dhabi, UAE

- Have helped put in internal policies and procedures related to the administration of contracts.
- Drafted, negotiated and finalized over 100 contracts of suppliers and subcontractors.
- Provide legal advice and guidance on in-house legal and regulatory matters in relation with personnel, public authority and other stakeholders.
- Assist in contracts negotiations and in interpretation of contract terms and conditions.
- Negotiate contract disputes with contractors and assist outside Legal Consultant with litigation defense.

Huissier de Justice (Judicial Enforcement Officer)

Bureau Etudes Maitre Heifa Béjaoui Kourda

June 2003 - October 2010 ( 7 years, 4 months ) | Ariana, Tunis, Tunisia

- Managed my own private Judicial Enforcement firm for more than seven years, including all aspects of administration, accounting, controlling costs and achieving revenue objectives.
- Hold the monopoly to serve and execute the decisions made by courts and enforceable instruments, as well as formally bear witness to events (constat d'huissier).
- As a member of the legal profession, I had been able to:
* Deliver judicial documents and authenticate parties to whom they are delivered.
* Proceed in the enforcement and recovery of any court and legal claims such as bankruptcy, property claims, seizures, and evictions..
* Issue court summonses and performed other actions.
* Exercise authorizations and decisions of any Court provenance.
* Call police hearings to guarantee execution of court orders.
* Conduct non-monopoly activities such as amicable settlements,
* Draft findings of private deeds.
* Authenticate character findings which may serve as evidence during litigation.
* Interface between demanders and defenders to explain, negotiate and strategize the terms of execution through appropriate consultations and advising for both parts as well as offering legal advices whenever requested.
* Drafted, interpreted, reviewed and negotiated a broad range of contracts and documents (Arabic/French).
* Handle all legal, financial and regulatory matters and liaised with relevant authorities intervening in the process of judicial enforcement.
* Collect a high amount of doubtful or quasi-impossible to recover debts without know-how and perseverance.

- Recruited, supervised, motivated and evaluated employees, including clerical staff.


UK Association of Business Practitioners (ABP) (Westford Sch

PGD Procurement and Contracts Management of Procurement, Purchasing/Acquisition, Contracts Management

2013 - 2014

Higher Institute of Judicature (ISM), Tunis, Tunisie

Professional Master Degree in Judicial Enforcement of Law

2002 - 2003

Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques, Tunis, Tunisie

Maitrise en Droit Privé of

Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Politiques, Tunis, Tunisie

Professional Master of Droit et Techniques de l'Information et de la Communication

2005 - 2006