Dominic (多米) Gray

Dominic (多米) Gray

Warehouse management, pick packing, unloading containers

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About Me

Allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Dominic and I am l currently actively searching for a position in the area of procurement. I supported myself through my Masters degree through casual warehouse and logistics work and am still working for the same agency while I search for a position.

Among my passions are Asia and Asian studies (including languages), procurement and sustainability and law. Supply chain and procurement have presented me with a new way of looking at how businesses work.

I recently graduated from a Masters of Strategic Procurement at RMIT University. I am also a graduate from Arts/Law at Melbourne University, did my legal training at Leo Cussen Institute and am admitted as a solicitor. I can speak Indonesian (bahasa) and Chinese (Mandarin) very well. I can speak some limited Korean and Japanese too. I can even speak Jakarta dialect (and a few words of Korean dialect).

I have spent more than ten years in Asia working in different roles, lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for around five years, Beijing, China for about three years and spent a couple of years in Busan and Seoul, South Korea. I have been an interpreter, translator, taught English, been a 'deputy manager' and a paralegal. In Asia, I have worked for US, Australian, Indonesian, Chinese and Korean companies. As well as work in the private sector, I have had the experience of teaching English in government departments and to government officials in Indonesia and China, and being an interpreter for G to G training involving AusAID and the Indonesian Supreme Court.

In China, I was on the Beijing Australian Rules Football (BARF) team. In South Korea I did kumdo (like Japanese kendo) and in Indonesia I played badminton and traveled. At RMIT, I joined the tennis club and will stay on as an alumni member.

I will be active and ask questions about procurement on this site. I am relatively new to procurement so I am hoping that it will provide me with knowledge, networking and opportunities to attend events and meet people outside of this site (in real life).

JOB TITLE: Warehouse management, pick packing, unloading containers


CATEGORY: Professional Services


Work experience

Warehouse management, pick packing, unloading containers

Tusk Group

October 2015 - Present | Tullamarine

Casual work while completing my Masters degree and searching for work. Satisfies CIPS requirements and is considered relevant work experience contributing to MCIPS certification.


Top Lus

January 2009 - November 2011 ( 2 years, 10 months ) | Busan, SOUTH KOREA


Vinson & Elkins

January 2007 - January 2008 ( 1 year ) | Beijing, CHINA (PRC)

Due diligence: Conducting legal audits and examining documents relating to Indonesian Energy contracts (COW- Contract of Work). Worked with senior lawyers to prepare documents in English from Mandarin. Prepared presentations and materials for Business Development presentations and mentored by experienced international lawyers from the USA and China.

Language facilitator

IASTP- Indonesia Australia Specialised Training Project

January 1998 - January 2001 ( 3 years ) | Jakarta & Padang, INDONESIA

Key role Interpreting, translating and liaising with Australian and Indonesian legal officials in an AusAID sponsored Government to Government program delivering Intellectual Property Rights training.


RMIT University

Master's degree of Strategic Procurement

2014 - 2015

Strategic Procurement, Supply Chain, Contract Management, Project Management, IT & logistics.

Leo Cussen Institute

Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice of

2009 - 2009

A diploma that satisfied the requirements to be admitted as an Australian Lawyer.

University of Melbourne

LLB/BA of Arts/Law (Asian studies)

1999 - 2005

Majoring in Asian studies.


Professional Translator from Indonesian to English of Bahasa Indonesia

2008 - 2008

Successfully completed a NAATI (National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) accreditation test.