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Chris Richardson

People Soft Skills Specialist!

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About Me

Hi I’m Chris from Productive Minds.
I grew up in a small country town on the western highway in Victoria Australia that had heaps of trucks making the “big run” to Adelaide and then onto Perth.

A group of us kids used to hang out of the sun under a huge old peppercorn tree trying to be the first to identify what make the prime mover was. It was a competition to shout out what it was, “International! Mack! Kenworth!”

Of course, there was a punishment for getting it wrong… and I copped my share of bruises from getting knuckled in the arm… still, the fascination and thrill of what I later realized was a multi-billion dollar Transport and Logistics industry never left me.

Today I live in the Western suburbs… the epicenter of the logistics industry in Victoria …it’s hard not to notice all the trucks with containers from all over the world constantly going to and from the wharves or the warehouses in Laverton and Truganina.

I always wonder where that product came from and how did it get here? How many different people have handled that plastic wrapped box sitting on that pallet? Always knowing someone, somewhere wants it …and usually yesterday!

The sounds of the machinery, warning bells, people yelling out, flashing lights and Fluoro jacketed forklift drivers scurrying everywhere, make these fascinating places to observe.

I especially find it interesting watching how people interact with each other, sometimes in a good way—but all too often the way in which “staff & staff” and “staff & management” communicate is shocking…

I know from over 30 years of industry experience that when this “communication” is embedded in an organization’s culture it directly contributes to low morale, increased absenteeism, work cover claims and low productivity… and ultimately creates a business that consistently under performs.

I’ve dedicated my career to understanding what makes people tick… and after 30 something years, I’ve seen time and time again, that people who are given the right training and skills in communication and leadership can—and will—create a productive and profitable workplace for both themselves, their team mates and their company.

So could I be happier working with companies that have big sheds, big trucks and lots of complex and interesting people?

I doubt it!

Thanks for your interest and let’s have a conversation sometime.

JOB TITLE: People Soft Skills Specialist!

INDUSTRY: Education & Training

CATEGORY: Professional Services



Work experience

People Soft Skills Specialist!

Productive Minds

July 2013 - Present | Melbourne Australia

● Developing and Delivering custom workplace training and development for Logistics, Transport and Warehousing companies.

● Mentoring and Consulting for Supply Chain Supervisors and Managers to build Leadership capacity that drives increased productivity, employee engagement and reduces absenteeism and WorkCover claims.


RMIT University Melbourne Australia

Bachelor Nursing; Post Graduate Diploma Psychiatric Nursing of Mental Health, Addiction, People Skills

1991 - 1995

Advanced Diploma in Community Sector Management,
Selmar Institute of Education

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment,
Selmar Institute of Education

Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Australia

Associate Certified Coach
International Coach Federation

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse
Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner,
QC Seminars