Discover tips and tricks to find and keep top talent with Darren Peiris at Big Ideas London 2023

Often leaders underestimate their role in the recruitment process, but as a leader, what can you do to find the best talent? And then, once you’ve got your team built, how do you keep the best talent?

Discover tips and tricks to find and keep top talent with Darren Peiris at Big Ideas London 2023

We’re sure you’ve heard all the employment trends by now – the great resignation, quiet quitting, layoffs, struggles to retain staff. In short, the job market hasn’t been harder to navigate.

Now, possibly more than ever before, it is job candidates and seekers who hold all the power, with hiring teams having to do just as much “selling” as potential employees.

So how do you, as a business leader, create an environment that attracts top talent to your team, and then what are the steps you need to take to ensure you are fostering that talent for the long-term.

Human Resource expert, and Global Group Head of Talent Acquisitions for National Group, Darren Peiris knows a thing or two about creating a marketplace for talent, and at this year’s Big Ideas Summit in London he will be sharing his insights and knowledge.

So if you feel like your organisation is at a talent stalemate, you don’t want to miss Big Ideas Summit London this Thursday 9 March.

At Big Ideas London 2023, Darren Peiris will teach you:

  • That talent isn’t impressed by office perks anymore – When my teams approach candidates for roles, we’re finding they’re not looking for perks like a fridge full of food in the kitchen or a table tennis tables or a pinball machine or wellness retreats – or even big pay rises.

    Pay is a very important factor, however, what we’re seeing is that top talent is looking for two things in particular. And surprisingly, they’re quite basic and easy to implement in the organisation with the right mindset.
  • Candidates want to work for the best leaders – People want to learn from a good leader. A lot of the best learning is on the job, not in a classroom or through a course. It happens through working for an amazing leader.

    Some of the best leaders I’ve worked for have taught me amazing things. So if you make a big investment in developing the best leaders for your organisation, you’ll be surprised by the amazing talent you’ll be able to bring in.
  • Candidates want clear and visible career opportunities – An interesting statistic that I came across very recently is that when an individual wants to look at another career move, they don’t usually go to the internal careers board or speak to their manager. They look externally and see what else is out there.

    So, you could imagine some of these top talents thinking they need to leave to grow their career. By having some really good visibility of what roles are available in the organisation, and having some really robust career conversations, you can actually retain those top employees.
  • Leadership qualities are top of mind – When you’re looking at working for the best leader, candidates want to work for a leader who’s empathetic, who’s inspirational, who operates with good intentions and has their best interest at heart and has their back.

    But most importantly, they want to learn from this leader. They know no one is perfect, but when they go to a new role, they want to learn something different.

So, the key thing is having that coaching mindset in a leader. Invest in your leaders to be great coaches because the power of a good coach can allow an individual to really unlock their potential.

Want to hear more from Darren Peiris about attracting and retaining top talent? He’ll be part of our Big Ideas Summit London, taking over Soho Hotel on March 9. Tickets are on sale now.