3 Reasons Why a Digital Manufacturing Marketplace Will Revolutionise Your Purchasing

Digital Manufacturing Marketplaces are using simplified and time-saving processes to revolutionise how customers purchase custom manufactured parts.

Thousands of organisations purchase manufactured and machined items on a daily basis. But the way these parts are purchased hasn’t changed significantly in the past decade, leading to inefficient processes and wasted time and resources. 

Sourcing prototypes and serial parts can be a challenging and laborious process. Plenty of time, energy, and money is spent calling and emailing several suppliers in the hope of finding the best deal possible. And, even then, you can only kick off production once quotes have been compared, with the most cost-effective option usually being the one chosen. And where items have to be manufactured using different processes or suppliers, the sourcing activities may require even more time, energy and money.

However, Digital Manufacturing Marketplaces look set to change all of that, offering a one-stop shop with a flexible supply chain, QA, and project management. Not only do these Marketplaces simplify the procurement process, but they can also reduce overall project times by up to 60%.

Here are 3 reasons why you should try them out.

1.   A One-Stop Shop with Large Global Capacities

What could be better than a single platform with all the technologies you need? Getting your parts manufactured becomes a simple and efficient process thanks to online marketplaces. There’s a suitable solution for every requirement!

CNC machining, 3D printing, sheet metal fabrication, injection moulding, and die casting. You can also choose from a wide range of metals and plastics depending on the properties and aesthetics required.

You won’t have to worry anymore about supply chain disruptions, as Digital Manufacturing Marketplaces rely on large and flexible networks of vetted partners that can take on custom projects of all sizes. Your job is allocated to the right partner the first time, every time.

What’s more, the diversity of suppliers ensures better access to manufacturing capacities and materials as well as competitive prices. These marketplaces can also offer framework agreements for a specific price and quantity.

2.   An Online Platform for Instant Quotes

The ability of Digital Manufacturing Marketplaces to deliver instant quotes in less than a minute is one of their major strengths. The automated manufacturing platform accurately sources custom parts on the basis of the 3D model provided during quoting.

​​This system not only saves a considerable amount of time, but also lets you try out all the possible combinations of manufacturing processes, materials, and finishes so you can achieve the best possible part. The algorithms recognise a “feature-cost association”, meaning you pay the right price every time.

3.   Reliable QA Processes & Project Management

Managing the production of your parts is something you don’t have to worry about anymore. Digital Manufacturing Marketplaces help coordinate the entire project for you to guarantee every production step runs smoothly.

Once you have ordered your parts, the marketplace takes care of the communication via a dedicated customer interface where you can follow the status of your order in real-time. It also handles all the logistics and ensures that the parts are produced and delivered on time.

However, time savings don’t come at the expense of quality. A team of QA engineers perform meticulous quality control consisting of multiple steps, including visual inspection, 2D measurement, 3D measurement, and tests for roughness and hardness. This in-house verification process is combined with a strict supplier selection process, meaning you don’t have to compromise on your finished parts.

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