The Faculty Procurment Risk Management Capability Training

The Faculty Procurment Risk Management Capability Training

When: 20 May 2020 - 21 May 2020
Where: Saxons Training Centre Sydney

The Faculty’s focused and interactive two day program, Procurement Risk Management, combines theory, practical exercises and networking, designed to lift capability and critical competencies.

Identifying, assessing, mitigating and managing risk is core activity for procurement as it ensures smooth and uninterrupted supply of goods and services.  Poorly managed procurement risks may have wide ranging & adverse implications for the achievement of business objectives as well as protection of staff and executives.

This course focuses on procurement vulnerability by identifying and managing risks within the procurement process and external networks. The course material provides examples of key risks, provides case studies and examples of various types of risks as well as strategies to reduce the overall risk.


  • Understanding Risk Management framework
  • Risk Management objectives now & in the future
  • Reasons for increasing risks in procurement activities
  • How effective risk management enables Procurement to deliver value to business
  • Exploring inherent risks in procurement lifecycle
  • Understanding risks in outsourcing and insourcing
  • Managing risks from a contract management perspective to maximise supply value
  • Building a transparent, collaborative & proactive relations with your suppliers and stakeholders / customers


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