Big Ideas Summit Global 2020

Big Ideas Summit Global 2020

When: 18 Nov 2020 - 18 Nov 2020
Where: Virtual


Stop….go….stop...go.  The pace of change this year has been breathless. You’ve not only survived, but thrived!  Now it’s time to take a break, re-group and invest in yourself.  Re-energise your batteries, nurture your brain, reignite your curiosity and set yourself up for success in 2021.

The Big Ideas Summit brings together the best and brightest thought leaders from across the globe, to share their insights on how you can plan for next year and beyond. Learn how to:-

  • Think the unthinkable - Adapt to change quickly 
  • Understand the risk landscape - Navigate today’s risk-rich environment
  • Create new sources of value - Leverage fresh category opportunities
  • Embed business continuity - Prepare yourself and your suppliers for the next disruption
  • Protect your career - Upskill based on the needs of the USA, Asia Pacific and European job markets
  • Use technology to get ahead - Gain visibility, manage supplier relationships, access new sources of supply, manage contracts and risk

...and so much more.

Secure your ticket to the not-to-be missed, world-class procurement and supply chain event.


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