The Gen NEXT Podcast Series: Sample Podcast - Procurement Class


Topic: Leadership and Management
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Total length: 16:37 min

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Class summary

The Procurement Gen NEXT podcast series, sponsored by Telstra, begins on the 11th December. Sign up to Procurious (It's FREE!) to access the full series.

On day one of our podcast series we speak to Shaun Hughes, Chief Procurement Officer, Telstra on change management and the evolving skill-sets necessary for a procurement pro to make a difference in their role.

Shaun describes how he encourages procurement professionals (and leaders) to become indispensable, how the function should measure success and how to manage business stakeholders who are reluctant to work with procurement.

What I will learn

The Gen NEXT report, exclusively available to Procurious members, is packed with data, insights, recommendations, and links to over 20+ Procurious articles that further explore many of the findings that are raised in the report. To download your copy of the report, sign up to Procurious, join the Gen NEXT group via the "Groups" tab and download the report from the documents tab.


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