The 21 Principles of 21st Century Leadership: Passionate People - Procurement Class


Topic: Leadership and Management
Lessons: 3 video lessons
Total length: 01:01:04 min

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Class summary

To achieve goals and build a vision you need a team. The better your team the greater your ability to achieve greater goals. The first step for building an effective team is to get the right people into the right roles and the wrong people out of the team. If you cannot find the right people, then keep searching! It is much better to be more patient and start with the right people than accepting people who do not fit into your team and the vision.

What I will learn

Are you looking for a better job?
Do you want to be promoted?
Do you want to be recognized for your leadership skills?
HOW are you going to do this?
What is THE BEST WAY for you to STAND OUT from the crowd?

Invest in yourself by completing this course and others by Leadapreneur.


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