Procurious Big Ideas Panel #4 - What are we doing to create communities of practice? - Procurement Class


Topic: Big Ideas 2015
Lessons: 2 video lessons
Total length: 32:09 min

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Class summary

Come check out all of our procurement videos at The Big Ideas Summit 2015 – the world’s first digitally-led think-tank for procurement and supply chain professionals was held in London in April…and amplified to more than 5000 members of Procurious across 100+ countries.

The event sparked vigorous debate across social media and #BigIdeas2015 was mentioned 759 times in 24 hours (reaching a potential audience of 1m+).

Building on Tania Seary's keynote speech and the idea of collaboration across the procurement profession, David Noble, Tania Seary, Diego Barilla and Sue Steele discuss what can be done to bring a dispersed community together.

From spend entrepreneurship to professional accreditation and certification, the panel threw up some interesting questions and answers and got the wider group thinking about how we can help to map our future.

What I will learn

Learn why procurement needs to be more connected as a profession
Learn what spend entrepreneurship is and why it is important to procurement
Understand why professional accreditation could make the lives of procurement professionals easier


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