Procurious Big Idea #30 - Involve Procurement in Innovation - Procurement Class


Topic: Big Ideas 2015
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Total length: 03:26 min

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Class summary

The Big Ideas Summit 2015 - the world’s first digitally-led think-tank for procurement and supply chain professionals - was held in London in April…and amplified to more than 5000 members of Procurious across 100+ countries.

In May, The Faculty hosted its annual Future Leaders in Procurement (FLiP) event and the 8th Asia-Pacific CPO Forum in Melbourne, Australia. CPOs from across the region gathered to discuss their thoughts and ideas to ensure hard earned negotiations translate into bottom-line value.

At both events, Procurious asked the experts and industry leaders what their big ideas were for the future of procurement.

Eva Wimmers, CPO Deutsche Telekom, discusses procurement's position as a function rather than a service, as well as taking on more innovation work as part of their organisations.

What I will learn

Learn what the industry experts' and thought leaders' Big Ideas for the future of procurement are


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