ProcureCast by Procurify - Procurement Class


Topic: Introduction to Procurement
Lessons: 8 video lessons
Total length: 18:58 min

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Class summary

ProcureCast by Procurify takes you through:
1. How Procurement Saves Money,
2. Indirect Spending for Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance,
3. Agile and Lean Supply Chain Management,
4. Benefits of Supplier Management,
5. How to Identify Procurement Fraud,
6. The Procurement Process,
7. The Benefits of E-Invoicing,
8. What are purchase orders.

What I will learn

ProcureCast by Procurify gives you insights on:
1. Three procurement factors that save companies money,
2. Understanding the value chain,
3. Helpful points to consider when deciding on supply chain methods and whether to use agile or lean,
4. Why supplier management is necessary for creating a sustainable, competitive advantage,
5. Ten ways of identifying procurement fraud,
6. The procurement process,
7. Invoice management best practices, e-invoicing and the future of purchasing,
8. Why and how we use purchase orders.


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Michael Fournier

Marketing Automation Manager

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