Out Of Office: Your Career Break (Through) - Procurement Class


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Class summary

Turn a mid-career break into a career break through!
Whether you're contemplating a career change, or just taking a few weeks to recharge, learn how you can get the most from your time 'Out Of Office'.
Once considered career limiting, taking an extended break is now not only accepted – but encouraged – by some employers as a critical means of recharging, resetting – and ultimately, getting ahead.

But what are the unexpected benefits - and the risks - of stepping back to travel, study, start a family or contemplate a new career path? And what if this career break wasn't even of your choosing?

This August, join a former McDonalds Sourcing Director turned Procurement Entrepreneur; a high flying Procurement Superstar; and a Recruitment & Talent Expert, as they discuss the highs and lows of being Out of Office.

What I will learn

Find out what recruiters really think about that gap in your CV
Deciding to take a career break – Where to spend it; What to do; and How to stay sharp
Learn how to talk to your boss about taking a career break
Find out how employers are using career breaks to retain and engage top talent


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