eISM - Negotiation: Knowing Your Objectives - Procurement Class


Topic: Cost Negotiation & Management
Lessons: 1 video lesson
Total length: 08:00 min

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Class summary

The first step of negotiation is knowing what your own objectives are, what you want to get from the negotiation.

The complexities of products, good and services will raise the complexities of negotiations, and getting to know your objectives.

This video from eISM covers getting to know your objectives, how a scope of work can help, and how to build yourself up when scoping our requirements.

What I will learn

Understand why you need to determine your objectives before a negotiation
Understand how a good scope of work can help you define your negotiation objectives
Understand why you shouldn't be pushed or pulled from your objectives in a negotiation


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Jessika Kemp

Learning Solutions Coordinator

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