Don't Go Chasing Unicorns - Procurement Class


Topic: Introduction to Procurement
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Total length: 44:53 min

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Class summary

What makes a procurement unicorn?

They've got the grades, the qualifications and years of relevant experience. They tick off every core procurement skill in the book and they've worked for some big-name companies.

In short; on paper, they're perfect.

If you're self-proclaimed unicorn hunter, you're probably hoping to fill your entire procurement team with a herd of these mythical creatures. Because you think that's what's best for your business...

And that's where you'd be very wrong. Because in today's world, Unicorn = Uniform!

What I will learn

In this webinar we explore how organisations can better accommodate people who are differently abled; whether it's those with physical disabilities or people who are neuro-diverse. We discuss:

-The importance and benefits of recruiting and retaining differently-abled people to your teams

-Why it is such terrible idea to set your sights on procurement unicorns

-How procurement pros can help to build truly diverse teams and foster a workplace environment that is inclusive to everyone?

-How are some of the biggest organisations making the workplace inclusive and accessible for everyone?




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