Career Boot Camp - Day 8: Use the Force - Network Your Way to the Top - Procurement Class


Topic: Career Boot Camp 2016
Lessons: 1 video lesson
Total length: 09:38 min

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Class summary

Sure—networking is critical for climbing the corporate ladder—but that’s just the beginning. It really can improve all aspects of your life!

Find your next mentor, role model or friend and remember that one key connection can be worth millions of dollars to yourself and your professional community.

Expert networker Tania Seary, Founding Chairman of Procurious, shares her experiences and successes in this important podcast.

Tania Seary is just one of the great career coaches sharing their knowledge and experience during the Procurious Career Boot Camp.

The Career Boot Camp will increase your stamina, get you in the best career shape of your life and help you to punch above your weight.

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What I will learn

Understand how networking can help you to land your next top role.


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Tania Seary

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