Career Boot Camp - Day 7: Coach of the Year - Become the Manager Every Team Wants - Procurement Class


Topic: Career Boot Camp 2016
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Total length: 09:20 min

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Class summary

Behind every successful team is a dedicated coach, encouraging each and every team member to flex their career muscle and achieve their true potential.

But who are the best managers—the one who wins popularity contests, or the straight-shooting, confident leaders with a “magic formula” for bringing out the best in their people?

With this podcast, our Career Coach Stuart Brocklehurst, Chief Executive, Applegate Marketplace, will share the skills it takes to stand out as a successful leader, while also earning the respect, and trust of your team.

Stuart Brocklehurst is just one of the great career coaches sharing their knowledge and experience during the Procurious Career Boot Camp.

The Career Boot Camp will increase your stamina, get you in the best career shape of your life and help you to punch above your weight.

It's not too late to sign up. Enlist at and get access to our 15 free podcasts from some of the best career coaches around. Don’t miss out – your career will thank you for it!

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Understand what it takes to be a great manager.


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Stuart Brocklehurst

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