Career Boot Camp - Day 11: How to Change the Game and Make a Disproportionate Difference - Procurement Class


Topic: Career Boot Camp 2016
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Total length: 07:32 min

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Class summary

Procurement professionals, are you making a game-changing impact on your organisation?

True transformation comes through contributions from everyone on your team, not just the “hero innovators” that sometimes steal the spotlight.

In today’s podcast, “How to Change the Game and Make a Disproportionate Difference,” Nathan Ott, CEO and co-creator, The GC Index will tell us more about how to capitalise on your individual strengths, and, as a leader, value the unique potential of every individual.

Nathan Ott is just one of the great career coaches sharing their knowledge and experience during the Procurious Career Boot Camp.

The Career Boot Camp will increase your stamina, get you in the best career shape of your life and help you to punch above your weight.

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What I will learn

Learn how you can contribute to your team to make a game-changing impact.


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