Career Boot Camp Day 1: Ramsay Chu, How To Fail Forward - Procurement Class


Topic: Career Boot Camp 2017
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Total length: 17:44 min

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Class summary

On Day 1 of Career Boot Camp 2017 Rio Tinto CPO, Ramsay Chu, discloses what new skills he’s looking for in his hires and explains why technical skills are often of lesser importance.
And, if you’ve ever felt like a failure in your procurement career, Ramsay has some important words of comfort. Find out why failure is at the core of entrepreneurial spirit and how you can turn it to your advantage by “failing forward.”

What I will learn

Procurement leaders of the future will need to be agile, focused and equipped to deal with all of the changes coming our way with cognitive technology and Workplace 4.0
Career Boot Camp, will help you transform your career and your future if you’re ready and willing to upgrade!




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