Big Ideas Summit: Big Idea #30 - Pay Your Bills on Time - Procurement Class


Topic: Big Ideas 2017
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Class summary

Barclays Chairman John McFarlane’s Big Idea for 2017 is pay your bills on time!

John says it is a great time for people in procurement - there are now global marketplaces, the online arena continues to grow and the power has now changed into the hands of consumers. We are in an unparalleled period.

But while all this change is occurring, John encourages procurement professionals to understand that your suppliers really matter. Looking after their long-term interests is much more important than short-term. By not paying your bills on time, you are endangering perfectly good customers. Be accountable and not do them unknown harm.

What I will learn

Hear what our experts and thought leaders have to say when they share their Big Idea for the future of procurement.


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