Big Ideas Summit 2017: Big Idea #5 - Trade Policy Matters - Procurement Class


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Class summary

At the Big Ideas Summit 2017, we challenged our thought leaders to share their Big Ideas for the future of procurement.

Big Ideas Speaker Dr Linda Yueh Big Idea for 2017 is Trade Policy Matters.

Linda says for the last 20 years we have been under a multi-lateral trade regime, which essentially meant world trade was governed by the same rules. But in last few years, there has been a rise in regional free trade agreements, which means regions set up their own free trade deals. With recent changes in the political landscape - Trump & Brexit - we are now entering an era that favours bilateral trade deals. In 2017, businesses need to start looking into the detail of trade policies and consider how this will affect their supply chain.

What I will learn

Hear what our experts and thought leaders have to say when they share their Big Idea for the future of procurement.


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