Big Ideas Summit 2016: Big Idea #27 - Mastering Digital Information - Procurement Class


Topic: Big Ideas 2016
Lessons: 1 video lesson
Total length: 05:04 min

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Class summary

At the Big Ideas Summit 2016, we challenged our thought leaders to share their Big Ideas for the future of procurement.

Giles Breault, Principal and co-Founder at The Beyond Group, talks about three major themes which are confronting procurement leaders and organisations - digitalisation, innovation and agility.

Giles talks about how procurement needs to look at digitalisation and big data in order to make sense of how it will change the management of supply chain, how procurement can enable innovation, and why procurement needs to be more agile in the modern environment.

What I will learn

Hear what our experts and thought leaders have to say when they share their Big Idea for the future of procurement.


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