AT Kearney - Wave of the Future - The Role of CPOs in Times of Change - Procurement Class


Topic: Business Research
Lessons: 1 video lesson
Total length: 30:24 min

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Class summary

Being a business leader today requires a multidimensional skill set. In this podcast, Ira Gaberman and Robyn Wright discuss the key skills of leaders and CPOs in times of change. They outline the three spheres in which leaders need to excel — strategic, transformational and operational — and emphasise the importance of strategic thinking in leadership positions. Ira and Robyn discuss the major challenges that future CPOs face and share strategies for overcoming them.

What I will learn

Understanding of the requirement of a multi-dimensional skill set
Understanding of the spheres in which leaders need to excel and the importance of strategic thinking
Awareness of strategies for overcoming the major challenges that face CPOs when leading in organisations


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