200,000,000 to 1 - Using Technology To Find Your Perfect (Supply) Partner - Procurement Class


Topic: Leadership and Management
Lessons: 1 video lesson
Total length: 03:44 min

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Class summary

"If you're not disrupting, then you're being disrupted."

In this period of unprecedented market change and volatility, competitive pressures and tight margins organisations looking to thrive must leverage technology to drive efficiency and use IT as an area of competitive advantage.

Listen to what Procurious Founder, Tania Seary, and Oracle Cloud Solutions Business Development Director, David Hobson, and Darryl Griffiths, Director of Delivery and Presales at Enrich, had to say on…

Using technology to find the the perfect supplier
How to successfully implement new tech
Why and how current procurement processes need to change
…and more.

To watch the full webinar, visit: http://oracle.procurious.com/

What I will learn

Understand how procurement technology can be used as a competitive advantage.


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