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Game Over For Procurement?

The future is brimming with AI, cognitive technology, & robotic process automation. This presents an incredible opportunity for the profession... but also a great deal of uncertainty. Will procurement transform by the year 2030? What are the greatest threats & opportunities facing the profession? How do you upskill today to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0?

To tackle these questions & many more, Michael Page UK & Procurious present a new report: Procurement 2030: Makeover or Game Over. Download this content-packed, four-part report for exclusive insights from our recent survey & valuable links to relevant articles, podcasts & webinars.



Level-Up In 2018...


How did the Procurement 2030 report come about?

Earlier this year Michael Page UK & Procurious surveyed 590 professionals across the globe to find out where they believe procurement & supply management will be by the year 2030, & what professionals need to do today to make themselves indispensable in an AI-enabled future.

What was the result?

We’ve created four in-depth research reports, which delve deep into the survey results; providing advice & guidance to the profession & feature commentary from some of procurement’s most influential leaders. Each report is packed with valuable links to relevant articles, podcasts & webinars.

How many parts of the report have been published?

As of September 2018 Level One and Two are available to download after completing the form above.

How do I download the report?

Downloading your copy of Procurement 2030 - Level One and Two is as easy as pie. Simply sign up via the form above & you’ll be re-directed to the Procurious webpage where you can download the report in full.

When can I download Level Three and Four of the report?

Level Three & Four of the report will be released onto Procurious in October, & November respectively. If you’ve already downloaded Levels One and Two we’ll let you know as soon as the next report is released.

Is the report available to anyone?

Absolutely! Anyone & everyone can download the report and it won’t cost you a penny to do so. Simply sign up via the form above.