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NEWSFLASH: Being world-class today doesn’t mean being the best in the world. It means helping the world to run at its best

As procurement professional, cutting costs is the least you can do!

Plenty of procurement professionals are already committed to making a positive impact on the communities in which they operate: Eradicating slave labour; Creating sustainable supply chains; and positively managing their companies’ local community footprint.

Procurious have partnered with SAP Ariba to create a global online group - Procure with Purpose. 

Through Procure with Purpose, we’ll shine a light on the biggest issues - from Modern Slavery; to Minority Owned Business; and from Social Enterprises; to Environmental Sustainability.

When you enrol to the Procure with Purpose movement, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect with other passionate, purpose-driven professionals and industry experts from around the world

  • Stay across the latest news and best practice case-studies

  • Access exclusive Procure with Purpose online events and resources

  • Showcase your stories, your work and your wins to the global procurement community

We officially launched Procure with Purpose with our Valentine’s Day webinar, #FeeltheLove when we discussed:

  • What is Procuring with Purpose?

  • Why should professionals care about purpose-led procurement?

  • What are the small things that you can do immediately to drive big outcomes?

  • How do you measure and report social impact to the CFO?

  • The procurement teams who are already getting it right!

  • How can businesses ensure that economic growth is always accompanied by a respect for human rights?

  • Our vision for using the power of social media to drive purpose-led procurement around the world

Enroll above to access the webinar recording in full featuring Tania Seary, Founder - Procurious, Pat McCarthy, SVP and GM - SAP Ariba North America, Nicole Verkindt, Founder & CEO - The OMX and Peter Holbrook, CEO - Social Enterprise UK.


Tania Seary

Founder Procurious

Pat McCarthy

SVP and GM, SAP Ariba North America

Nicole Verkindt

Founder and CEO of The OMX

Peter Holbrook

CEO, Social Enterprise UK


  • What is Procure with Purpose?

    Procure with Purpose is a movement. A coalition of committed, energised procurement professionals who want to deliver value beyond cost savings and efficiencies. Through Procure with Purpose we will shine a light on the biggest issues –from Modern Slavery to Environmental Sustainability - and on you, our members, who are already driving exponential change. Enrol above to join the Procure with Purpose group and gain instant access to our exclusive events.

  • How do I get involved?

    To stake your place, simply sign up above . It’s FREE to join –you just need to be passionate and ready to lead with purpose! When you sign up for the #FeeltheLove webinar, you'll be automatically registered for the Procure with Purpose group on Procurious and all of our related, online events.

  • I’m an existing Procurious member, am I automatically part of the Procure with Purpose community?

    No! If you are already a member of Procurious you must still enrol to join the Procure with Purpose community and access our exclusive online events.