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The Missing Puzzle Piece: How Technology Can Empower You To Procure with Purpose

In our latest Procure with Purpose webinar we'll be exploring how the latest and greatest in technology innovations can not only help procurement pros deliver business value but also drive and enable purpose-led practice. 

Join us on October 10th when we'll discuss the tech that's helping procurement  teams to collaborate with their suppliers and  improve transparency; how to communicate the importance of using tech to improve purpose-led procurement and why businesses must integrate tech-led purpose-driven practice into all of their decision making. 





What is the Procure with Purpose community?

Procure with Purpose is a community for procurement pros who want to deliver value beyond cost savings and efficiencies - shining a light on the biggest issues from Modern Slavery to Environmental Sustainability - and on you, our members, who are already driving exponential change.

How do I get involved with Procure with Purpose?

To stake your place, simply sign up above . It’s FREE to join –you just need to be passionate and ready to lead with purpose! When you sign up, you'll be automatically registered for the Procure with Purpose group on Procurious and all of our related, online events including The Missing Puzzle Piece: How Technology Can Empower You to Procure with Purpose

I’m a Procurious member, am I automatically enrolled?

No! If you are already a member of Procurious you must still enrol to join the Procure with Purpose community and access our exclusive online events.

When is The Missing Puzzle Piece webinar?

The webinar takes place on 10th October at 10am EDT/ 3pm BST. Sign up or log in via the form above and we'll be in touch ahead of the event to provide details on how to join the webinar live.

Is the Missing Puzzle Piece webinar available to anyone?

Absolutely! Anyone & everyone can register for the webinar and it won’t cost you a penny to do so. Simply sign up or log in via the form above.

How do I listen to the Missing Puzzle Piece webinar?

Simply sign up or log in via the form above and you’ll be re-directed to the Procure with Purpose group where you can access heaps of related content. You will also join the webinar mailing list, so we can provide you with details on how to access the webinar live stream.

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