Software Supply Chain Risk Management: Enabling Resilience in National Critical Infrastructure

30/10/2018 14:58 | Share

Organizations expanding the use of network-connectable devices need comprehensive software security initiatives to address weaknesses resulting from technological vulnerabilities and a lack of “cyber hygiene” (lack of caution) among those who develop and use software applications and software-reliant IoT devices.

Vic Health IT scores $80m budget bump thanks to agile wins

30/10/2018 14:58 | Share

CIO Steve Hodgkinson turns trust from the business into funding.

Fleet Space Tech to launch two commercial CubeSats

30/10/2018 14:58 | Share

From Rocket Lab’s Complex-1 in New Zealand.

NBN Co open for enterprise business

30/10/2018 14:58 | Share

Starts taking orders.

Britain bites FANGs with new 'Digital Services Tax'

30/10/2018 14:58 | Share

Tax system hasn’t kept pace with changing business models.

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