CBA poaches Telstra's tech-savvy legal chief, reveals new system rehab head

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Simpler, better musical chairs as Comyn’s team changes complete.

BrandPost: How to Avoid the “RPA Death Spiral”

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RPA is clearly the IT media darling of the year. Just go to any business or tech publication, and you can’t escape headlines touting RPA as the fastest-growing market in enterprise software. Per Gartner, the RPA market grew over 63% last year. Organizations plan to invest $10 to $20 million annually in RPA solutions to increase productivity, reduce costs, improve customer satisfaction, and help employees focus on creative, higher-value work. “A bot on every desktop” is the new mantra, and companies that promise to deliver this are valued in the billions.  Is all this exuberance justified? Or are we looking at another Google Glass?

As a business person, I can clearly see the reason for the demand. Digital transformation and business optimization initiatives want to eliminate latency and waste from the business process, and RPA seems like magic that automates away these inefficiencies. However, as a technologist, I sometimes feel like RPA is the poor man’s API: a tech hack that strings together sequences which should be actually solved by good application architecture or an integration strategy. When you describe RPA’s general approach to a technologist, you get an array of responses ranging from laughter to confusion.

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SAP Ariba partners with Tokyo Shoko Research to manage risks to 8.4mn Japanese companies

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Managing risk is one of the oldest preoccupations in business, and the rapidly accelerating pace of change produces new bogeymen for every new way of doing digital business. Helping harness the latest generations of enterprise technology solutions in order to help companies reduce risk in their supp…

Enabling future technology: Why digital transformation is more than a buzzword

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Digital transformation is somewhat of a buzzword, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fad. The need to facilitate change in the supply chain isn’t going to diminish, if anything it is only going to grow as new and exciting technologies start to move into the mainstream. 

This is fuelled by ever-inc…

Mastercard partners with OpenText to increase financial efficiencies in the supply chain

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Global payments technology giant Mastercard announced today that it is partnering with Ontario-based Enterprise Operations Management firm OpenText. The two firms will, according to a press release, collaborate on advancing a connected and scalable digital ecosystem, allowing companies irrespective …

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