Supply Chain

Global hunger for soybeans 'destroying Brazil's Cerrado savanna'

30/10/2018 12:56 | Share

Brazil’s highly biodiverse Cerrado is being destroyed for soybean production, conservationists say.

Talent Gap or Training Gap?

30/10/2018 12:54 | Share

Workforce and career development are on the national radar and many companies are stepping up with financial, time and expertise commitments to accomplish the goals of developing the U.S. workforce for tomorrow.

5 Ways to Streamline Supply Chain Logistics Operations with Autonomous Robots & Drones

30/10/2018 08:16 | Share

Many companies have already integrated autonomous robots into their supply chain, however, for some companies considering launching an autonomous robot strategy it can be intimidating, here are five examples of how autonomous robots and drones can work to streamline your supply chain operations.

Should the lower shipping prices from China to the US end ?

21/10/2018 18:32 | Share

An article in the Wall Street Journal (October 17, 2018) titled “No More Mail Privilege for China as U.S. to end deep discounts in packages” describes the classification of China as a “tier 3” country while the U.S. is a “tier 1” country, thus permitting subsidized postal rates, from 40% to 70% reduced rates, from China to the U.S. These shipments are small packages, weighing 4.4 lbs or less,from auto parts to jewelry to housewares. Does this one way subsidy provide an unfair advantage to Chinese companies over the US or a reduction in supply costs for users of these products ? Will making the transport costs symmetric in both directions result in fairer supply chain flows ? Should similar actions be taken with Singapore and other countries too ?

Walmart’s new technology intensive warehouse that is 40% more efficient

21/10/2018 18:18 | Share

An article in titled “Walmart’s grocery warehouse worker of the future will have a STEM background” discussed the new warehouse in Shafter, California that will use automation to get eggs, diary and frozen goods to warehouse employees pick rather than having workers lift over 2,000 cases per shift. The result is an estimated 40% increase in product movement, and lower costs. Will Walmart use these cost savings to decrease consumer prices or increase it thin margins for grocery ? Will the additional skill levels required to operate these warehouses result in current workers getting upskilled or a newer type of warehouse employee ?

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