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Supply Chain and Procurement Leaders Anticipate Seismic Post-Pandemic Strategy Shifts as Executives Brace for Peak of Impact


Our 'How Now? Supply Chain Confidence Index' reveals that nearly all (97%) of the 600+ professionals surveyed experienced a supply chain disruption related to COVID-19. In response, the majority (73%) of organisations are now planning major shifts in supply chain and procurement strategy post-pandemic, including supply base expansion (38%), reductions in supply chain globalisation (34%) and increases to inventory levels (21%).

But this isn't all of the interesting findings we observed in our report. 

Disruption was severe and pervasive. Seismic strategy shifts are coming post-pandemic. Here’s what you need to know. Download the report today.

What are some of our findings?

What do you need to know?

How did the report come about?

To find out how severely COVID-19 has affected supply chains, and what’s next for our profession, Procurious surveyed over 600 procurement, supply chain and business leaders over a two-week period from April 28 through May 12.

How do I download the report?

Downloading your copy of 'How Now?' is as easy as pie. Simply sign up via the form above & you’ll be re-directed to the Procurious webpage where you can download the report in full.

Is the report available to anyone?

Absolutely! Anyone & everyone can download the report and it won’t cost you a penny to do so. Simply sign up via the form above. You will not only have access to the report, but you will also join the Supply Chain Crisis group where you can share with us your opinions.