Speaker Katy Fonteyn photo
Katy Fonteyn
Director of Procurement Product Management at Basware
Katarzyna Fonteyn is currently Director, Procurement Product Management at Basware. As the global procurement evangelist at Basware, Katy is responsible for developing Basware procurement long term vision, strategy and positioning. She places customer success and the voice of cu...Read more
Speaker Antti Suorsa photo
Antti Suorsa
Managing Partner and co-founder of Zeal Sourcing
Antti Suorsa is the Managing Partner and co-founder at Zeal Sourcing. He is an experienced Procurement leader and developer, with 15 years’ experience in sourcing from international companies such as Nokia, Konecranes, Telia and Paulig. His previous roles include: ● Head of...Read more
Speaker Tania Seary photo
Tania Seary
Founder, Procurious