The Faculty Risk Masterclass | Member-Only Event cover photo

The Faculty Risk Masterclass | Member-Only Event

Jun 24 at 11:00 AM - Jun 24 at 12:30 PM AEST

Predict, Minimise and Mitigate Risks on the Horizon 

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that anything can happen. Pandemic, trade wars, recessions, natural disasters… the list goes on.

Being Super Normal requires us to come to terms with an inherent truth: Uncertainty is certain.

We need to engrain this new mindset into our decisions and actions. Once we see that the big picture is cloudy and unpredictable, we can better prepare ourselves for success, and quickly overcome the shock factor when everything abruptly changes. Being ready for sudden change – and having a plan of action – puts you ahead of nearly everyone. 

If you’re ever lulled into a false sense of security about Supply Chain, take a moment to consider the shifting sands of Risk.

According to the Coupa “Procurement’s Time to Lead” report, more than 80% of organisations in 2020 cited a long list of their top risk concerns including operational, supplier, environment, reputational and cyber.

A year on, how will the ever-changing supply chain landscape have heightened, lessened, obviated or otherwise affected the risks you should guard your category and company against? How should you respond and plan, informed by current risks? And further forward still, how can you predict what the next big threats will be?

In this 90-minute session, learn how to identify and mitigate those prominent risks threatening your operations in 2021 and beyond - and how to predict which risks lie beyond the horizon.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and mitigate chief risks
  • Preemptively manage risks that threaten your operations 
  • Safeguard your organisation and prepare contingency plans

This session is for The Faculty Roundtable members only. For more information on The Faculty Roundtable, please contact [email protected].


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