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The Faculty Positive Disruption | Member-Only Event

May 30 at 11:00 AM - May 30 at 12:30 PM AEST

Every conversation is a negotiation.

Positive Disruption is positive change. The disruption may be simple and straightforward, or big and complex. Whatever it is, it can be unsettling, or it can be a springboard to greater accomplishments.

This workshop lays out a methodology for identifying positive changes for your company and making them happen. It is designed for people who want to improve their sphere of influence, breadth of projects, and impact to their organizations. 

Taught by the author of A Guide to Positive Disruption, the workshop provides a roadmap on how to be a leader of positive changes by finding great ideas, influencing stakeholders, and getting yourself and your team recognized for the good work you do.

You’ll walk away with ideas on the right processes to tackle, the right people to engage, how to approach them, and how to be prepared for success. 


  1. Understand what Positive Disruption is and why it is important for you as an individual.
  2. How to find creative new ideas to improve processes and bring positive change
  3. Develop a plan for achieving stakeholder buy-in by analysing the types of leaders you are likely to encounter – identifying who really needs to be on your side and deciding on the best way to engage them. 
  4. Learn how to create positive change through exposure to real “best practice” case studies from the field and adapting the success of others to your corporate culture. 

This session is for The Faculty Roundtable members only. For more information on The Faculty Roundtable, please contact [email protected]

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