The Faculty Negotiating for Success Workshop Series | Member-Only Event cover photo

The Faculty Negotiating for Success Workshop Series | Member-Only Event

Jul 11 at 9:00 AM - Jul 15 at 12:00 PM AEST

Negotiation for the real world

Bringing learning to life with real world techniques and expertise, Negotiating for Success with Bill Garcia, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, TableForce,  will provide a strong foundation in negotiations skills for all functions, including Purchasing, Sales and Project Management.  

Learning Objectives, participants will learn …

  • What negotiating means and the settings it applies to
  • The stages of negotiation and how to manage the overall process to produce favorable outcomes
  • How to negotiate effectively across the table with various levels and functions
  • Various strategies and tactics to help produce a favorable negotiation outcome
  • The constant pillars of negotiation skills that apply across all negotiation scenarios
  • What is meant by Win-Win outcomes and its importance to the overall success of the business (its not what you think!)
  • How to perceive the other party’s agenda and use the information effectively during negotiations
  • How to negotiate beyond price and apply big-picture thinking and total cost analysis into the negotiation process
  • How to think creatively and trade-off less important items for those that are most important
  • The importance of planning to the negotiation process and how to plan effectively
  • How to negotiate assertively, but fairly, in order to build and maintain positive long-term relationships that have maximum value for the business
  • The importance of trust to the long-term success of a negotiated agreement
  • This session is for The Faculty Roundtable members only.

Each member organisation can nominate 1 representative to attend. For more information on The Faculty Roundtable, please contact [email protected].


Speaker Bill Garcia photoBill GarciaCo-Founder & Managing Partner, TableForce Ltd.
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