The Faculty Culturally Diverse Women Masterclass Program Masterclass 3 cover photo

The Faculty Culturally Diverse Women Masterclass Program Masterclass 3

Aug 25 at 12:00 PM - Aug 25 at 2:00 PM AEST

Decoding your cultural behaviours compared to Australian Business Culture

Have you ever found that your style of thinking and working is quite different from Australian Business Culture? Whether you are recent migrant, been here a long time or even born here but from a migrant or culturally different family we have found that there are preferences that you have when doing business, that is different from Australians who come from Western cultures. Our past participants say that some of these cultural behaviours and preferences have held them back from attaining promotions into leadership as hiring managers have thought they lacked ambition, the confidence to voice their opinion or new ideas, the ability to network in senior circles, etc. Some participants have said that they have spent time learning how to acquire and show these behaviours but that it was exhausting keeping this persona up. Prior to this session, you will complete an online cultural diagnostic that will map your behaviours to Australian Business cultural behaviours. In the session, we will decode these cultural behaviours and work with you to choose which behaviours to work on that link to your aspirations. In our experience choosing just one or two behaviours is realistic.

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Rhylee Nowell
Senior Program Manager [email protected] +61396544900